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Network Global Logistics

Do we really need a network global logistics? In a sustainability context, the current global crisis and other socio-economic and political events highlight the need for a better understanding of future developments in transportation and logistics systems and networks around the world. Although transport and logistics are relatively relevant sectors in global growth and trade, it is quite surprising that literature on future logistics system scenarios, identifying potential agents of change and forecasting new trends in global patterns of medium / long-term logistics flows is quite limited.

First of all, network global logistics, also known as global supply chain leadership, has played a critical part in the growth and development of world trade and the integration of global company activities. Its primary objective is to create a system for cost-effective delivery. Declines in transport expenses and increases in quality reliability expand the range of company activities and boost the amount of international trade and competition connected with them. Second, the use of suitable channels of distribution on global markets dramatically improves the likelihood of achievement.

network global logistics diagram

In order to facilitate progressively worldwide movements, logistics chains are constantly evolving. Long-term trends in logistics services, in qualitative terms, show a increasing degree of product customization and enhanced responsiveness in order delivery. These developments have distinct impacts on technology development and welfare growth in distinct areas of the globe.


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